To Place an Obituary

The Milton Times accepts obituary notices to be published in our print issue for a fee of $50.

Until recently we ran obituary notices in our own style.

Many of these notices are written by funeral directors, but family and friends are welcome to submit their memories.

There will be no additional charge for running a photograph. We are able to scan a glossy photo but prefer a JPEG file. Sometimes we have been asked to include a flag for a veteran. We can accommodate that request. We will need to be in touch with the funeral home handling the arrangements to confirm details.

We are following in the footsteps of other news organizations who implemented these fees some time ago.

To send us an obituary notice, email Someone on staff will get back in touch to firm up our commitment. 

We expect that notices received before noon on Monday will appear in the Thursday issue. From time to time, we may need more time if we have questions or find delays in the verification process. 

Our advertising coordinator will handle the process. We can offer help in writing the notices if requested. 

We believe that everyone’s life story should be included in the paper and we wish we had the finances to continue to make that happen. Obviously there will be times when we pursue an obituary because we consider there is news value for our readers. 

We plan to publish a brief listing of recent Milton deaths as part of our new outlook.

Pat Desmond 

Milton Times Publisher


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